We’ve Moved to Shopify!


Yes, we’ve moved to Shopify!

You’ve probably noticed and thought, “something looks different.”  It does, we have moved our shopping cart platform to Shopify.

We’ve done this to give you the best shopping experience possible!  Whilst we loved our old site, we felt that we could do even better.  So we’ve kept the Bramble Bay Candle Co website in order to keep you up-to-date with new products. Don’t forget, there is also interesting news, and fascinating insights to the world of scented homewares.

When it comes time for you to shop, please click the Shopify link above, or head to our “Shop Now” page.  This will forward you to the Bramble Bay Candle Co Shopify Webshop.  This platform still lets you pay via Paypal, but also takes all major credit cards.

We look forward to seeing you at our new site!  We’d love to hear your feedback on the platform and what we can do to make your candle shopping experience even better.  Thank you for being a valuable customer!

Four New Designer Fragrances To Welcome


We spend a lot of time trialing fragrances at the Bramble Bay Candle Company.  Not every fragrance is acceptable!

We are so excited to premier four new Designer fragrances to the Bramble Bay family.

Our fragrances are chosen with a great deal of care.  This means when we look for a type of scent to fill out our range, we research what appeal we want we to create.  For example, in our new Buttercream Vanilla, not just any vanilla would do.  There were many vanillas that didn’t make the grade. So without further ado, please let us present our four new Designer fragrances.

Lotus Flower – Romantic white lotus is spiced with patchouli for a sensual and mysterious fragrance.  Its perfect for a date night, or a romantic rendezvous.  This candle will leave a lasting impression.

Sakura BlossomSakura Blossom is one of our favourite new fragrances.  It is a classic floral, with the soft smell of perfumed cherry blossoms.  The fragrance is rounded by heavenly lily-of the-valley.  We’ve added just a pop of pink peppercorn to give a little bit of lift and charm.  This is a delightful candle that you’ll want to burn every day.

Vanilla Buttercream – Vanilla Buttercream is a special fragrance and was created to evoke a warm and beautiful home.  We’ve paired a sophisticated and rich buttermilk with a spicy and woodsy vanilla, yet to keep the scent from being an actual dessert, the addition of musk makes for a surprisingly sensual experience.

Lime and Coconut – This isn’t your typical Lime and Coconut candle.  We’ve forgone the rum and instead created a zesty and uplifting scent to energise you and your home.  This is due to the addition of lemon verbena along with the lime!

We hope that you welcome these fragrances into your home and love them as much as we do.  Please make sure to give us a review when you do!

That Sweet Little Soybean


We are pretty proud of our candles here at the Bramble Bay Candle Company.  Our motto is “Made with Love” and we literally pour love along with soy wax, into all our Designer and Inspiration collections of candles, on-site, here in our Clontarf factory.

If you remember from our “History of the Candle”, not all candles are made with soy wax.  Candles can be made from paraffin, beeswax, or even other types of plants like vegetables and palms.

Usually, most candles are a blend.  We prefer using a natural soy wax in our Designer and Inspirations candles as soy is very versatile and makes a candle that throws a pleasing light and carries a beautiful scent.

The great thing about soy wax is that it is very sustainable.  While the price of petroleum (the basis for paraffin) rises, soy is just grown.  Soybeans that are grown for candle wax aren’t wasted either, almost all the bean is utilised.  This makes for an eco-friendly and very sustainable product that you can feel good about supporting.

To make soy wax, the soybean is harvested, and then cleaned.  The clean soybean is cracked and the outer hull is removed.  The soybean is then crushed and flaked into little pieces.  These little pieces are then hydrogenated after the oil is removedHydrogenation is just a word that means that the fatty acids in the oil is removed.  This now means that at room temperature, the oil is stable and is still solid.  The leftover bits of the soybean are then usually converted into animal feed. All parts of the soybean is being used.

The result is a wax that holds fragrance well, and will burn slowly and evenly.  This is exactly what you want in a decorator’s candle, as we want the candle to give you long lasting warmth and joy.   The by-products of soy wax candles are that we have created a sustainable and eco-friendly product that you can feel good about buying.  We also use 100% cotton wicks in our Designer and Inspiration candles.

We hope that you get as much love and inspiration out of our candles as we get in making them.

Breast Cancer Research Funding – We Will Make A Difference


We ARE going to make a difference in breast cancer research funding.  For Bramble Bay Candle Co, it’s not just something that we want to do, it is a goal that we are going to do.  We will raise $10,000 for research this year.  In order to that though, we need your help.

We designed the inspire candle to support the quest for breast cancer funding.  For every candle that is sold, we pledge to donate $1.50 per candle to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  If we do the math… That’s 6667 pretty gardenia scented candles that we need to sell.  That’s a lot of candles, and we are pretty confident we can do this, but we can’t do that alone.  We need you to help us raise money for research and achieving zero deaths caused by breast cancer by the year 2030.

We work with a lot of charities and community enterprises.  Australia has been good to us, and we want to give back.  When we worked on our charitable action plan, we knew that cancer research was pretty close to our hearts.  We approached the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and together, found a way to help and the result is the “Inspire” candle.

The Inspire candle is gorgeously perfumed with the rich earthy scent of gardenias.  We’ve given it a sustainably sourced wooden wick that crackles and burns as the scent slowly fills your room.  These candles are made with a natural soy wax so there are no by-products or nastys filtering through your home.  The result is candle that not only helps the men and women of Australia who may be diagnosed with breast cancer, but also a candle that you can feel good about.  After all, Bramble Bay candles are made with love.  This time, helping out never smelled so good.



Where is Bramble Bay?

australian-made-candles-from Bramble Bay

It’s not just a beautiful Australian made candle, it’s also a beautiful place.

Follow the Deagon Deviation north of Brisbane, and you’ll cross the waters of the Bramble Bay. The Ted Smout Memorial Bridge takes you into the scenic Redcliffe Peninsula.  Here is where you find the Bramble Bay Candle Co.

Head away from the foreshore and follow the highway slightly west. If the breeze is right, you may just get a hint of some wonderful fragrances.  We kid, but we didn’t just happen along an empty facility in Clontarf.  Our site was chosen specifically to house our candle factory. We were inspired by the waters of Bramble Bay and the community spirit shown by the citizens of the Moreton Bay Region.

A wonderful aroma fills our factory.  You can smell a beautiful fragrance on any given day. We have a fragrance maestro who masterfully blends our fragrance and essential oils. She follows an exacting standard.  The results are a triple-blended Australian soy wax candle designed to lift, relax, invigorate or inspire – because of the blend.  The soy wax is then hand poured into beautiful glass vessels. We say that every Bramble Bay Candle Co candle is “Made with Love”.

We hope that every time you light a Bramble Bay Designer Collection candle, you feel a little bit of that love as the flame burns and the soy wax gently melts.  Most of all, you’ll feel the warmth and the splendour of the beautiful Bramble Bay, here in sunny Queensland, but now in your own home.  Please check out our Designer and Inspiration Collections of soy wax candles, wax melts and reed diffusers to find your perfect scent.

The History of the Candle


As you open your newest Bramble Bay Candle Co’s triple scented beautiful soy wax candle, take a moment and reflect upon the history behind the humble wax light.

The Egyptians were the first to use a lighted taper, however, as they were waxed rushes, they didn’t have a wick. A wick determines a “true” candle.  It wasn’t until around 200 BCE that the Qin Dynasty Chinese developed a wicked candle made from whale fat.  From there, the candle didn’t change much, although in some places, the use of the “Candlefish” (Thaleichthys pacificus) was easier than making candles.  This small fish produces an incredible amount of body fat during spawning.  Many just dried and lit the fish and didn’t bother rendering the fat!  Most candles were made from tallow, or animal fat as this was what was the most readily available.

As tallow smelled very bad when burned, it was no wonder that many looked for alternatives.  The Romans used olive oil for burning in lamps, but olive oil was not available everywhere.  When the whaling boom began in western Europe, they found that sperm whale oil (spermaceti) could be used.  Later, paraffin wax became more common as it became harder to catch enough whales.

Paraffin wax is created by distilling coal.  In the late 1800’s this meant a cheap, plentiful, and non-smelly candle, that threw a very bright light, so it became the candle of choice for many.  As candles were so popular, many would add sweet smelling products to the wax such as bayberries.  When electricity became something that every household could benefit from, the humble candle was relegated to emergency lighting and birthday dinners.

It was only in the last few decades that chandlery became more popular and the scented candle became a luxury homewares necessity.  This trend meant that great parfum houses and other artists could create rich scents and beautiful candles.  Bramble Bay Candle Co is proud to continue the rich history and tradition of skilled chandlers.

We use pure soy wax as it burns cleaner with no nasty additives or chemical burn-offs.  We triple scent our candles using a custom blend of fragrance and essential oils to create a candle that perfumes rather than overwhelms.  Our candles are designed specifically to softly scent a space as the candle gently melts.  Fragrance is released even after dousing the flame, as the wax gently cools.

We hope that you enjoy the history and the art of the beautiful soy wax candle just as much as we do.

Our Candles Are Pretty Amazing


We think our candles are pretty amazing and we work very hard to bring you the best Australian made natural soy wax candles that you can buy.  We want you to know why our candles are so special, so we’ve created this handy little infographic full of facts about the Bramble Bay soy wax candle.

We Save

“Inspiration Range”


Inspiration Range

“Featuring beautifully hand-painted original artwork brought to life on our premium quality packing our latest range of hand-poured Soy Wax candles are proving a hit. Created in our Brisbane factory and launched into the Australian market in August 2016 these beautiful hand poured 100% eco-friendly soy wax candles have been well received into the gift and homewares markets.

The Inspiration range includes, Family, Friends, Mum, Courage, Dreams and Believe soy wax candles in a 250g size.

Family – “Where life begins and love never ends” 

Courage – “If you stumble make it part of the dance”

Friends – “Good friends are like stars – you don’t always see them, but you know they are there”

Mum – “A mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique”

Dreams – “Dream Higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean”

Believe – “You are amazing; you are brave; you are strong”

Inspired by beautiful artwork these amazing candles create that perfect gift with a meaning. When you are looking for that special present for that very special person, you need look no further.


Wooden wicks – why we use them?

Why we use Wooden Wicks in our soy wax candles?

When developing this range of 100% soy wax products we wanted to create a product that had minimal impact on our environment. The natural pine used in our wicks was selected from renewable resources. We wanted a wick that burnt well and evenly. After dissatisfaction with existing wooden wicks that were available, we conducted numerous trials and experiments which resulted in our uniquely designed triple-ply natural pine wicks.

These wicks deliver a large flickering flame that emits a cosy crackling sound when burning. This, together with the lovely fragrances released by the candle, creates a beautiful ambience within your home.

Unlike cotton wicks, our natural pine wooden wicks usually do not require trimming. Being a natural product though, each wick has its own individual characteristics. Occassionally you will encounter traces of a knot or naturally-occurring anomaly in the pine which can slightly alter the performance of the wick. If you encounter this you may like to simply break of the uppermost part of the burnt wick then light as normal.

For best results with your 100% eco-friendly soy candle with triple-ply wooden wicks, we recommend you burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours each time to ensure that the wax melts evenly and fully to the side of the candle vessel.

Once you have got the most out of your candle and the wax has reached the bottom of the candle jar, you may like to remove the remaining wax then wash the jar in warm soapy water and re-use the jar for another purpose of your choice. Then you can start using your next new Bramble Bay Candle Co wooden-wick soy candle!

Check out our other Bramble Bay Candle Co soy-wax candle fragrances, soy-wax melts, fragrance diffusers, sachets and other products in our range.


Luxury soy wax candles

Our recently released Luxury soy wax candles have been well accepted in the Australian market. Using premium quality soy wax blended together with a delicious fusion of essential and premium fragrance oils they create a delightful aroma. Our unique natural pine wooden wicks imitate the sound of a subtle crackling fire creating an enchanting ambience.

Now available in 8 fragrances in both 250g and 500g sizes.

Fragrances include Parisian Pear, Lemongrass and Ginger, Tahitian Coco-Lime, Goji and Tarocco Orange, Summer Lilly, Oriental Spice, Moroccan Rose and Madagascan Vanilla.