Breast Cancer Research Funding – We Will Make A Difference

We ARE going to make a difference in breast cancer research funding.  For Bramble Bay Candle Co, it’s not just something that we want to do, it is a goal that we are going to do.  We will raise $10,000 for research this year.  In order to that though, we need your help.

We designed the inspire candle to support the quest for breast cancer funding.  For every candle that is sold, we pledge to donate $1.50 per candle to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  If we do the math… That’s 6667 pretty gardenia scented candles that we need to sell.  That’s a lot of candles, and we are pretty confident we can do this, but we can’t do that alone.  We need you to help us raise money for research and achieving zero deaths caused by breast cancer by the year 2030.

We work with a lot of charities and community enterprises.  Australia has been good to us, and we want to give back.  When we worked on our charitable action plan, we knew that cancer research was pretty close to our hearts.  We approached the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and together, found a way to help and the result is the “Inspire” candle.

The Inspire candle is gorgeously perfumed with the rich earthy scent of gardenias.  We’ve given it a sustainably sourced wooden wick that crackles and burns as the scent slowly fills your room.  These candles are made with a natural soy wax so there are no by-products or nastys filtering through your home.  The result is candle that not only helps the men and women of Australia who may be diagnosed with breast cancer, but also a candle that you can feel good about.  After all, Bramble Bay candles are made with love.  This time, helping out never smelled so good.



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