That Sweet Little Soybean

We are pretty proud of our candles here at the Bramble Bay Candle Company.  Our motto is “Made with Love” and we literally pour love along with soy wax, into all our Designer and Inspiration collections of candles, on-site, here in our Clontarf factory.

If you remember from our “History of the Candle”, not all candles are made with soy wax.  Candles can be made from paraffin, beeswax, or even other types of plants like vegetables and palms.

Usually, most candles are a blend.  We prefer using a natural soy wax in our Designer and Inspirations candles as soy is very versatile and makes a candle that throws a pleasing light and carries a beautiful scent.

The great thing about soy wax is that it is very sustainable.  While the price of petroleum (the basis for paraffin) rises, soy is just grown.  Soybeans that are grown for candle wax aren’t wasted either, almost all the bean is utilised.  This makes for an eco-friendly and very sustainable product that you can feel good about supporting.

To make soy wax, the soybean is harvested, and then cleaned.  The clean soybean is cracked and the outer hull is removed.  The soybean is then crushed and flaked into little pieces.  These little pieces are then hydrogenated after the oil is removedHydrogenation is just a word that means that the fatty acids in the oil is removed.  This now means that at room temperature, the oil is stable and is still solid.  The leftover bits of the soybean are then usually converted into animal feed. All parts of the soybean is being used.

The result is a wax that holds fragrance well, and will burn slowly and evenly.  This is exactly what you want in a decorator’s candle, as we want the candle to give you long lasting warmth and joy.   The by-products of soy wax candles are that we have created a sustainable and eco-friendly product that you can feel good about buying.  We also use 100% cotton wicks in our Designer and Inspiration candles.

We hope that you get as much love and inspiration out of our candles as we get in making them.

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