Wooden wicks – why we use them?

Why we use Wooden Wicks in our soy wax candles?

When developing this range of 100% soy wax products we wanted to create a product that had minimal impact on our environment. The natural pine used in our wicks was selected from renewable resources. We wanted a wick that burnt well and evenly. After dissatisfaction with existing wooden wicks that were available, we conducted numerous trials and experiments which resulted in our uniquely designed triple-ply natural pine wicks.

These wicks deliver a large flickering flame that emits a cosy crackling sound when burning. This, together with the lovely fragrances released by the candle, creates a beautiful ambience within your home.

Unlike cotton wicks, our natural pine wooden wicks usually do not require trimming. Being a natural product though, each wick has its own individual characteristics. Occassionally you will encounter traces of a knot or naturally-occurring anomaly in the pine which can slightly alter the performance of the wick. If you encounter this you may like to simply break of the uppermost part of the burnt wick then light as normal.

For best results with your 100% eco-friendly soy candle with triple-ply wooden wicks, we recommend you burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours each time to ensure that the wax melts evenly and fully to the side of the candle vessel.

Once you have got the most out of your candle and the wax has reached the bottom of the candle jar, you may like to remove the remaining wax then wash the jar in warm soapy water and re-use the jar for another purpose of your choice. Then you can start using your next new Bramble Bay Candle Co wooden-wick soy candle!

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