Wooden Wick Candles

Aaah, the delicate sound of a crackling fire. That’s what you will get with our beautiful wooden wick soy wax candles. What a wonderful way to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing mood within your own home.

Using natural pine obtained from renewable and sustainable resources, we have designed our own unique style of wooden wicks. Each wooden wick has its own natural characteristics.  Having good flame ensures the establishment of a good melted wax pool. This helps you get the most from your soy candle as the soy wax melts evenly to the edge of the candle jar and all the way to the bottom.

Our unique wooden wick candles come in two sizes. You should achieve up to 50hrs burn time with your 250g candle and up to 90-100 hours with the 500g candle. These beautiful wooden wick soy candles are available in eight delicious fragrances to fill your home or that special space with inviting delicate aromas.

Lemongrass & Ginger – zesty, refreshing, helps clear thoughts.
Oriental Spice – warm, spicy and comforting.
Summer Lily – hints of a bygone era, beautiful cottage gardens.
Tahitian Coco-Lime – subtle citrus with a mellow coconut.
Moroccan Rose – vintage style, floral and fresh.
Madagascan Vanilla – delicious, warming and cosy.
Parisian Pear – clean, crisp, spicy and fruity.
Goji Tarocco Orange – a hint of citrus and summer orchards.

All our wooden wick soy candles come beautifully packaged in their own water-colour designer boxes.
We trust you will enjoy finding the right candle for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.